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Complimentary Exam


Palatal Expander

How does the Expander work?

The Expander will make the upper jaw wider by usinga gentle force to expand the palate. Your palate expands the the maxillary suture which is very flexible. Once your appliance is placed, you will turn the appliance daily.

How is the Expander made?

Your first visit,separating elasticswill be placed to allow adequate space between your molars. The separators create space for the band fitting a week later.

What to do if a separator comes out?

If a separator falls out please call our office, an appointment may be needed to replace the separator before your appliance delivery.

At the second appointment orthodontic bands are fitover the molars, and an upper impression is taken of your mouth.The impression is sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of your custom Expander Appliance.

At the thirdvisit the Expander is cemented into the mouth onto the teeth. You will learn how to turn the appliance and review the foods to avoid while wearing your appliance

How do I use the Expander Appliance?

The expansion screw is turned once a day for the first two weeks. When placing key into the turning hole, be sure the key is fully inserted. The key has a small notch on it. When it is inserted correctly the notch will not be able to be seen once inserted. Use your index as a guide to hold the key in place when turning. This will prevent the key from coming out when turning. If the key comes out when turning, the new hole may be difficult to see due to the hole being in between holes. If you experience any problems while turning, please feel free to call our office. Expansion will be checked after you have turned the appliance for 2 weeks.

How will it affect my speech and eating?

Both speech and eating will feel strange initially. Practicing reading out loud to get used to speaking with appliance. Try not to avoid the appliance when swallowing, swallow as you normally do.

Forsus Coils

  • Initially the placement of the coils may irritate your cheeks. If this occurs please use wax to cover the area of the coil irritating your cheeks and rinse with warm salt water.
  • Always try to make a habit of falling asleep on your back rather than your side. Sleeping on your side may cause the coils to irritate your cheeks.
  • If rod disengages from spring, compress spring a reinsert rod. See photo below.
  • Always be careful with the foods you eat. Avoid hard sticky foods and cut your food into small pieces.
  • If breakage occurs call the office and our staff will assist you on how to make yourself comfortable, until you come in for us to check the appliance.