411 Wyoming Ave., Ste. 3
Cincinnati, OH 45215

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About the Doctor


Dr. Kinlaw is a long time resident of the Wyoming community. He grew up in Wyoming and attended Wyoming High School.  He went to Wittenberg University as an undergraduate and then the Northwestern University Dental School. He was a faculty member of the Ohio State Dental School and then took an Orthodontic Specialty degree at University of Illinois Dental School. He has been in private practice for over twenty-five years and is a past president of the Illinois Orthodontic Alumni Association and the Ohio Valley Orthodontic Association.


Dr. Kinlaw has attempted to remain on the cutting edge of advances in the profession with an emphasis on the benefits of early interceptive treatment. This had diminished the need for the extraction of permanent teeth enhancing the quality of orthodontic results and the harmony of the dental, skeletal, and facial components.


He is blessed with a loving, experienced staff who shares the same goals.